Learn SAS for free

Quote – the best things in life are free! Do you agree? For education? With the subject being SAS?

Yes the wonderful news is that the World Wide Web is practically free, save the browsing charges. And SAS users are an extensive and prolific community. A lot many of these are sponsored and managed by SAS itself.

So let’s take a look at the websites which top this list of free resources:

    1. SAS Documentation: You want to know the product you intend to work with before you start working on it . And this is a great place to start.
    2. WPS: World programming system gives you access to a platform where you can run SAS codes . This is a limited period key but can be instrumental in your journey.
    3. SAS Support: This has a wealth of literature on SAS codes and a separate sections on white papers. These white papers deal in details on the topic in consideration and can be downloaded for self-education. The other section which I find particularly useful is the Samples and SAS Notes section. You can browse this section by TOPIC  under the broad heads of:
      • Analytics
      • Query and Reporting
      • System Administration
      • Common Programming Tasks
      • SAS Reference
      • Third Party
      • Data Management
    4. SAS Blog: This has some very interesting articles for general reading
    5. SAS Users blog: This has technical content and insights.
    6. Questions on programming and codes
    7. SAS  Community:  To quote, “sascommunity.org is an on-going global community effort—created by SAS users for SAS users. This site is a place to find answers, share technical knowledge, collaborate on ideas and connect with others in the worldwide SAS Community.”
  1. Platform admin related topics: For all the help on managing the admin.

What are the non – web resources you can get practically free?

  1. In-house training modules: If you work in company with an Analytics division, you can get access to the training modules. Perhaps you will need to get the permission of your seniors, but everyone likes a go-getter. So you should meet with success in the endeavour.
  2. Senior / Mentor: within or outside your organisation. Could be a senior from college or a colleague in office.

All you need is the motivation, time and discipline to launch yourself into the world of SAS. Bon Voyage!!

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