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About the Machine Learning and AI Bootcamp

Bootcamp Duration:
12 weekends
Class Duration:
12+ hours per weekend
Access Duration:
6 months

Learn  Machine Learning and Artificial Learning Bootcamp through an immersive 12-week bootcamp with in-person instruction, real-world project experience, and personalized career support.
This program offers comprehensive learning in applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to both structured and unstructured data including text, images, audio and video data. You will also learn how to build a chatbot using IBM Watson and Cognitive Class, as part of our partnership. After this course, you will be able to select, apply and deploy appropriate Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms depending on the type of problems and data involved. The course provides a substantial intuition of the mathematics behind each of these algorithms, as well as business applications using real life case studies.


Knowledge of maths and statistics until the 12th-grade level. Past coding experience is ideal.
Note: If you do not know coding, we will teach you the basics to prepare you for the Bootcamp program

Bootcamp Outcomes

Bootcamp Certification

After completing this specialization, you would have mastered the most popular and powerful Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms that are commonly used across multiple industries to solve large scale problems with data, and are also used in building AI systems

What you get

Access to Jigsaw Lab
Access to Jigsaw Lab

Access to our cloud-based solution for hands-on experience with real-life business data using the latest analytical tools for 12 months

Additional Support
Additional Support

Clear your analytics doubts with the Jigsaw Faculty through email, phone or chat for your program duration

Capstone Project
Capstone Project

Work on a hands-on industry project and gain relevant analytics experience during your program

Q&A Online Sessions
Q&A Online Sessions

Ask our analytics mentors all your queries during the 2-hour Q&A session held every Saturday for your program duration

Success Stories


Clarence Wong

Clarence, a commerce graduate, disproved the myth that analytics is only for engineers, and made a successful mid-career shift to analytics  Clarence learned several analytics tools durin...

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