Thanks to the new data skills I’ve acquired, I’ve been able to explore new avenues and look for new potential areas of work.

Aadhar Aggarwal

After spending over 5 years in the field of market research, Harsh realized that he was stuck in a stagnating career path. The realization spurred him to explore other career options. Harsh soon honed in on the field of analytics.

Harsh Gujrathi

Abhishek Aggarwal
Back Office Associates

After a point, Excel wasn’t efficient enough to handle the amount of data that was coming in. So, I began to look into studying R, to help me with the work I was already doing. After a lot of self-study, I realized that it was exactly what I needed for my day-to-day work

Vicky Crasto
eLearning Company

I started looking out for institutes that would be ready to give me that kind of attention, which could, in turn, guide me into performing well. And this flexibility in the course is what drew me to the PGPDM by the University of Chicago’s Graham School and the Jigsaw AcademyP

Uma Perumal

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial Intelligence is a superset of Machine Learning. ML is a concept that falls under the huge AI umbrella. It works on the ground principles of teaching computer systems to learn from available data, identify structure & patterns and make decisions on its own with any human help.
Jigsaw Academy strives at providing its learners the industry-relevant skills using an experiential model of training. Through real-life case studies and projects based on real-time situations, students get to learn  and implement Machine Learning tools and technologies. The Machine Learning course content is very well crafted with the consultation of industry veterans and is constantly refreshed to cover the latest developments and innovations in tech. Our ML certification syllabus is inclusive of puzzles and tests to examine your progress after each module is finished
The Machine Learning course can be taken up  by any learner who holds a graduate degree from a recognized university. 
The major difference in Machine Learning certification and crach courses is that the long-term syllabus is designed for those who wish to switch to an entirely new role in either data science or machine learning domain,  or who have just started their career in this vast domain. The certification programs include  Machine Learning course syllabus which is more comprehensive and holistic, and helps in the preparation of diverse roles in the domain. The Machine Learning crash course is very specific and rigorous. These are generally not meant for beginners and require you to have prior understanding of coding and algorithm development.
Jigsaw Academy has a strong network in the analytics and data science domain. We have several industry partners and firms who reach out to us for their hiring and training needs. We help students in identifying the right opportunities as well as getting in touch with the HR teams.
Machine Learning course fee structure is different for all the programs. The Full Stack Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course fee is INR 48,400 + taxes. The PG Certificate in Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning e is INR 1.25 Lakhs + taxes. 
Different Machine Learning course at Jigsaw Academy are available in different learning modes. We have online and instructor-led modes as well as classroom sessions.