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We offer you some of the most highly demanded course programs for Machine Learning training in Delhi, ensuring a chance in the most sought-after institutions of the country. Our Machine Learning training solutions are certified with a respectable name like the Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The course solutions provided by Jigsaw Academy help in enhancing your Machine Learning skills. Jigsaw Academy offers course solutions for a reputable position in your ML career. The Machine Learning course in Delhi offered by Jigsaw Academy is affiliated with the industry-best names. Professionals enrolling with training programs by Jigsaw Academy will get furthermore opportunities to develop a fulfilling career with ample possibilities in the future years. The team offers a supportive understanding and details of the ML courses with various study materials.

What you learn:

The professionals offer a detailed understanding of the course study at Jigsaw Academy. The Machine Learning course in Delhi equips trainees with an accurate understanding of tools alongside their applications. Learners acquire skills in programming languages like Python, R, C++, Shell, Julia, Scala, and TypeScript. Machine Learning is associated with AI, and professionals learn a compact set of skills such as:

  • Machine Learning Ensemble Models
  • Python Programming
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • Visualization in Python
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Tree-Based Regression and Classifier
  • Random Forest and Gradient Boosted Machines



After spending over 5 years in the field of market research, Harsh realized that he was stuck in a stagnating career path. The realization spurred him to explore other career options. Harsh soon honed in on the field of analytics.

Harsh Gujrathi

Thanks to the new data skills I’ve acquired, I’ve been able to explore new avenues and look for new potential areas of work.

Aadhar Aggarwal

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to be skilled in programming languages and computer science to acquire a reputable position as an ML expert. They must acquire knowledge in statistics, mathematics, problem-solving, deep learning, and more.
Machine Learning is the method of data analysis automating analytical model building. It is a specific branch of AI-based on ideas in which systems learn from the data and identify the patterns to make the decisions with minimum human intervention. Through the online course programs offered by Jigsaw Academy, you can avail of the Machine Learning course in Delhi.
The fee structure of Machine Learning training in Delhi NCR depends on the duration as well as extensiveness.
Reports indicate that the AI intervention might increase the annual growth rate of the country with GVA by 1.3 %. It will lift the income of the country by 2035. 
Yes, the qualified team of educators can assist you with Machine Learning training solutions. To attain more details on Machine Learning in Delhi, you can contact at +91-90199-97000, or send an email at