Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: The Future is Now!

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the “hot topics” in every trending article of 2017, and rightfully so. It is much like how internet emerged as a game changer in everyone’s life, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are poised to transform our lives which were unimaginable years ago.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a simplified problem-solving process for humans. It enables software to perform tasks without being explicitly programmed. It also includes neural networks and deep learning. It is the bigger concept of machines being able to perform tasks the way we would consider.

And, Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables machines to access data and let them learn to perform these tasks. It uses algorithms and allows systems to find hidden insights without being programmed.

Why are A.I. and ML important?

Considering the growing volumes and varieties of data available, the need for computational processing is becoming vital to provide deep-rooted information which is cheap and easily available. With the help of A.I. and Machine Learning, it’s possible to automate models which can analyze bigger, complex data to return more fast and accurate results.

Organizations are finding profitable opportunities to grow their business by identifying the precise models to avoid unknown risks. The use of algorithms to build a model is helping organizations to bridge the gap between their products and users with better decisions and least human intervention. Most industries with enormous volumes of data have recognized the value of Machine Learning.

By garnering insights from this data, often in real-time, organizations have become more efficient in their workflow and gaining an advantage over other competitors.

The Biggies like Google, Facebook and Twitter banks on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for their future growth. Google’s global chief executive officer (CEO), Sundar Pichai said: “I am confident India will be a global player in the digital economy”. To read the entire article click here.

Who is using these technologies?

With a humongous amount of data becoming more available today, Machine Learning is starting to move to the cloud. Data Scientists will no longer explicitly custom code or manage infrastructure. A.I. and ML will help the systems to scale for them, generate new models on the go and deliver faster and accurate results.

The major industries where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used are:
1. Healthcare & Fitness
2. Sales and Marketing
3. Financial Trading
4. Transportation & Conveyance
5. Personal Security
6. Online Search

What are some well-known Machine Learning methods you need to know?

Read more about algorithms here.

How does it work?

To get results with Machine Learning, one must know how to pair the best algorithms with the right tools and the process to perform it.

How can you do it?

Start reading up on the different real world applications of Machine Learning. How is it being used in your line of work? What algorithms, tools, and techniques are needed? You can check out our Machine Learning Specialization to get a full view of machine learning tools and techniques.

If you are looking for a long-term comprehensive program which covers the A to Z of Data Science and Machine Learning, head to our Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM), a unique blended program that we have created in partnership with University of Chicago, a world top 10 university.

Over the upcoming years, the demand for the Machine Learning Analyst is anticipated to grow sustainably across all domains. It will play a key role in the evolution of Data Management which will have a direct impact on our lives and on the society.

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