Program Overview


The only Cyber Security certification program in India of its kind on Offensive Technologies, the Masters of Cyber Security Course (Red Team) is an online, one-of-a-kind program, powered by HackerU, Israel’s Premier Cyber Security Training Provider and Jigsaw Academy, India’s top-ranked institute for analytics and data science. It has also been ranked #1 among ‘Top 10 Cybersecurity Courses in India in 2020’ by Analytics India Magazine.

Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software, and data from cyberattacks. It’s imperative for organizations to protect information and other assets from cyber threats, which take many forms of Ransomware, Malware, Social Engineering & Phishing.

Red Team Specialists provide organizations with a realistic understanding of the key cybersecurity threats and gaps they are facing, as well as the mitigation and response capabilities they possess. Students enrolled in the Masters in Cyber Security in India (Red Team) specialist program explore the hacker’s state of mind through an in-depth study of the cutting-edge technologies and frameworks required to protect organizations from future threats. 

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) estimates that India will need 1 million cybersecurity professionals by 2020.

  • Out of the top 10 most targeted countries by cyber attackers, India ranks 3rd.
  • Hiring Sectors: IT & ITES, Banking & Insurance, Fintech, Ecommerce, Government, Retail, Healthcare
  • There were more than 50000 jobs in cyber security posted on job portals in 2019 in India, with only 47% filled positions.
  • Job portal Indeed reported a spike of 150 percent in cyber security roles between January 2018 and March 2019.
  • Job Roles- IT Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Architect, Cyber Security Manager, Penetration Tester, Vulnerability Assessment Specialist, Forensic Analyst.

Salary Bands: Cybersecurity experts saw an average salary of around INR 5 Lacs to 8 Lacs to freshers and 20 to 24 Lacs to 2 to 6 Years experienced professionals.  

Why Master Certificate in Cyber Security Course(Red Team) with HackerU?

HackerU has been Israel’s premier IT and Cyber Security Institute for over 23 years, graduating thousands of students per year. Their world-class curriculum and career-services program makes sure a high percentage of graduates land strategic positions in the high-tech market. Jigsaw Academy is extremely proud of this association with the stalwarts & think tanks of the industry to offer the master certificate in cybersecurity course (red team).

HackerU’s & Jigsaw Academy’s primary goal is to train and prepare the next generation of offensive Cyber Security professionals in the red team cyber security area. Using our unique hands-on approach, we simulate live cyber-attacks on our platform, educating our students to detect and prevent potential breaches. In this red team certification, our students are taught by top experts in the field and learn the most up-to-date and advanced techniques and practices, giving them the skills they need to succeed. Upon graduation, our students can conduct a variety of Penetration Tests, helping to secure the databases of government bodies, military forces, and corporations, and organizations of all sizes.

  • First & the only Offensive Security online master course in cyber security in India 
  • Certified as one of the World’s Leading Cyber Security Training Company– HackerU & Jigsaw Academy
  • Master’s degree in cyber security with 600 Hours of blended learning through the live online session by Red Team Experts
  • Hands-on Practice on ‘CYWAR’– HackerU’s unique and real-world attack-defense simulation platform
  • Participation in Hackathons & Bounty Hunting included in the red team training
  • Knowledge Sharing by International Experts through webinars
  • 10 Hours of Career Services by Cyber Experts
  • 40 Hours of Prep Program for Offensive Security Certified Professional Certificate (OSCP)
  • Monetized Placement Guarantee* for students clearing OSCP and 100% Placement Assistance for students not willing to go for OSCP Certification


  • Become a 360 Degree Ethical Hacker
  • Become a PRO in Virtualization, Penetration Testing, Applicative Hacking, IoT Hacking, Python Hacking, Cross-Platform Privileges, Advanced Infrastructures, Cloud Security, Threat Hunting & Reverse Engineering and other specialized forms of Hacking on emerging technologies
  • Build a Hackers State of Mind & practice on 100+ tools used for Ethical Hacking
  • Prepare for OSCP – The most difficult exam for Penetration Testers
  • Get job opportunities in Cyber Security Companies or IT Companies providing Cyber Security Solutions
Why Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Certification?

OSCP – is the most respected red team accreditation within the information security industry. Upon successful completion of the OSCP exam, you will officially become an Offensive Security Certified Professional equipped with the ability to implement today’s mission-critical ethical hacking tools and techniques.

After completing our Red Team Specialist program, students will be guided to sign up for the Offensive Security Certification Course, which includes testing practice and the 24-hour performance-based, online security certification exam.


The online Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team) is structured into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Cyber Security 101 – 20-hour online introduction to the fundamentals of Cyber Security followed by an assessment test.


  • Phase 2: Sorting Stage – The 40-hour Sorting Stage provides the fundamental skill set Cyber Security learners need to tackle advanced materials and concepts. At the end of the Sorting Stage, learners take a written exam that assesses their understanding of the material. Following the exam, each student undergoes a one-on-one evaluation meeting with their career consultant, where they discuss their progress in the course and decide together if the student should proceed with the full program. 


  • The Main Program: 540 Hours of Lectures and Labs.

Note: The 20-hour Cyber Security 101 (Phase 1 of the program) is available for free for all learners. Learners will have to pay 10% of the Program fees (INR 28,000 + GST) for the Sorting Phase. One will have to pay the rest of the fee amount before they get admitted for the final phase of the program.


Master Certificate in Cyber Security
About HackerU

Based in Israel, HackerU is a pioneer in the digital education space and offers handpicked, market-driven career programs to prepare the cyber-security professionals of tomorrow.

With over 23 years of leadership, HackerU is a world-renowned provider of Cyber Security knowledge transfer, technological solutions, and services. As the leading provider of knowledge transfer in Israel, HackerU boasts the highest level of expertise, straight from the heart of the world-renowned Israeli Cyber Ecosystem. HackerU partners with educational institutions in the US and around the world, providing Cyber Security Continuing Education programs that help to build Cyber Security ecosystems in local communities, training local Cyber workforces that help protect our world.

The company has academic and technological cooperation with other entities in Israel and around the world. The United States, Europe, Russia, India, Africa, South America and the Philippines, to name but a few.



The demand for Cyber Security professionals has surged in recent years. Governments, corporations, and multinational organizations are seeking and recruiting experienced Ethical Hackers to help identify vulnerabilities and secure their systems. A learner enrolled in this placement guaranteed, online Cyber Security Red Team Certification program explores the hacker’s state of mind through an in-depth study of the cutting-edge technologies and frameworks required to protect organizations from future threats. Over the last few years, more than 40,000 learners have advanced their careers with the help of this Cyber Security program.

Here is a list of tools and programs that are being used for different modules:

Web Fundamentals



Packet Tracer

Cyber Infrastructure

Wireshark, Tcpdump, Tshark, NetCraft, Shodan (CLI), Traceroute, Dmitry, Maltego, Recon-ng, Hping3, Nmap, Zenmap, Arp scan, MAsscan, JTR/JTR Jumbo, Hashcat, Crunch, Hydra, Medusa, Ncrack, Httrack, Facebrok, Social Fish, Gophish, OpenVPN, Tor, Aircrack-ng suit, Cowpatty, Wifi-Pumpkin, URLsnarf, Driftnet, Filesnarf, Webspy, SSL strip, Ettercap, MITMF, Bettercap, Fluxion wifi

Advanced Infrastructure

Windows remote AD administration tools, Power view, BloodHound, Neo4j, Mimikatz, Responder, SMBRelayx, Multyrelay, Powershell, Powersploit, Powercat, Nishang, PowerUp, NC, Snort, Fail2ban

Privilege Escalation

Mimikatz, Certutil, PsExec, Metasploit, Msfconsole, MSFvenom, Searchsploit, Armitage, Meterpreter, Crontab, Invoke-obfuscation, Unicorn, UPX, Veil Evasion, Shellter, The FatRat

Python/Python for Security



Burp suite, OWASP ZAP, Fiddler, Bwapp, Mysql, Sqlmap, Wpscan Acuntix, Netspark


Android Studio, Burp, D2j-tools, APKTool, Keytool, Uber apk signer, APK Studio, mobSF, Drozer, NOX emulator, Frida, Xcode, Cycript, Otool Class-dump-z, Class-dump

Malware Analysis & Reversing

Virus total, PEiD, UPX, Dependency Walker, Binwalk, Cuckoo Sandbox, Procmon, Process Explorer, Regshot, ApateDNS, INetSim, IDA pro, OllyDbg, GDB, WinDbg

  • Online Red Team Preparation
  • Cyber Fundamentals
  • Linux Administration
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Bypassing the Perimeter
  • Cross-Platform Elevation of Privileges
  • Advanced Infrastructure
  • Python for Hacking
  • Web Application PT
  • Mobile Application PT
  • OSCP Preparation
  • Build a LinkedIn Profile
  • CV Creation
  • Interview Skill Building




HackerU enables universities and academic institutions with a turnkey program that effectively prepares the next generation of Cyber Security professionals. With comprehensive Cyber Security programs handcrafted by industry experts, and a unique sales strategy designed to catapult absolute beginners to a career in Cyber Security, HackerU has been the go-to partner for industry-leading Cyber Education.


The faculty for Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team) with HackerU has expert sessions conducted by global practitioners along with continuously updated curriculum to meet emerging technology requirements.

  • PGPDM Instructor
    Ilan Mindel

    Chief Technology Officer, HackerU

  • PGPDM Instructor
    Lion Kontorer

    Offensive Security Team Leader, HackerU

  • PGPDM Instructor
    Oleg Karant

    Cyber Security Instructor, HackerU

  • PGPDM Instructor
    Azaz Ahmed Dobiwala

    Cyber Security Instructor, HackerU

  • PGPDM Instructor
    Idan Stambulchik

    Cyber Security Instructor, HackerU

  • PGPDM Instructor
    Swaroop Yermalkar

    Cyber Security Instructor, HackerU


Careers in Cyber Security

Did you know that 1.76 billion records were leaked globally in January 2019? In terms of cost, a single security breach can cost an organisation $350 million in losses. There are over 3 million jobs waiting for cyber security experts each year – with handsome salaries and perks attached to them.

That’s precisely why Jigsaw Academy has joined hands with HackerU, Israel’s Premier Cyber Security Training Provider, to train you in the latest methodologies in the field of Cyber Security.

For more details about Cyber Security, take a look at our ebook for beginners

Placement Guarantee is only for learners who appear for the OSCP and become a certified OSCP Cyber Security Professional. The Placement Guarantee period will start within 2 months of successfully completing the program. 

Eligibility Terms for Guaranteed Placement: 

  • 55% in Graduation
  • Successfully pass & complete the Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team)
  • Passed OSCP within 2 months of completion of Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team)

Please Note: Any student who does not comply with the above terms is only eligible for Placement Assistance and not Guaranteed Placement. 

Guaranteed Placement Features:

  • Placement Guarantee is only for learners meeting placement eligibility criteria
  • The 6-month Placement guarantee period will start within 2 months post-program completion
  • Students need to share their resume and certificate with the Placement Team
  • Job Portal subscription with Profile Highlighting feature (Feature only for Jigsaw Academy learners)
  • Students will be given guidance on Resume Building, Interview Preparation, LinkedIn Profile strengthening
  • All students must be open to Internship to Full-time Employment opportunities
  • Students will apply for at least 60 opportunities per month to increase their chances of getting shortlisted
  • Students will go through the E-campus placement procedure and will be informed by the Placement team 24 Hours before the procedure
  • If a student is not placed within 6 months of attaining the OSCP certification, they will be entitled to INR 60,000 fees refund (MoneyBack Guarantee)

With more than 12,000 graduates across the globe, HackerU strives to reduce the Cyber Workforce gap by working with thousands of companies and directly meeting their needs. Additionally, the hiring process is optimized with the recruitment partners around the world. HackerU graduates work at more than 4,000 companies.



Important Dates & Details

New Batch starts on 4th October 2020

The Cyber Security Certification program is structured into 3 separate phases.

Phase 1: Cyber Security 101 (20 hours) 

Phase 2: Sorting Phase (40 hours) 

Phase 3: Main Program (540 hours) 

Students will be mandatorily required to undergo an assessment to move from one stage to the next and obtain a minimum pass percentage. At the end of Phase 2, students will additionally have a one-on-one evaluation meeting with the instructor to evaluate their admission to the final intensive 540 hours.


Admission Criteria

The Prerequisites for Masters in Cyber Security (Red Team) Course are:

  • Should have completed graduation with 55%
  • Will need to clear ‘Cyber Security 101’ & ‘Sorting’
  • Should hold a BTech, BE, BCA or MCA, Bsc-IT, Msc IT – Only circuit branches (Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, IT) Degree from an accredited institution
  • Any IT Professional with 2+ Years of Experience in Networking, Security, or Software.


  • Tuition Fees: INR 2,80,000 + taxes
  • INR 28,000 for the Sorting Phase fee will need to be paid up-front, which will cover the 40 hours of the entire program
  • The payment of the program fee is applicable through a Cheque, DD or Net Banking on the website
  • For payments, access is provided on the realization of payment
  • An additional fee of $1,000* will be applicable for the OSCP certification


Jigsaw Academy ensures Placement Guarantee for learners who successfully complete the Master Certification in Cyber Security (Red Team), appears for the OSCP exam, become a certified OSCP Cyber Security Professional as well as fulfills all the eligibility terms for Guaranteed Placement. The Placement Guarantee period will start within 2 months of completing the program. 

It includes:

  • Job Portal subscription with Profile Highlighting feature 
  • Resume Building, Interview Preparation, LinkedIn Profile strengthening
  • Internship to Full-time Employment opportunities
  • E-campus placement procedure

If a student is not placed within 6 months of attaining the OSCP certification, they will be entitled to INR 60000 fees refund (Money back Guarantee).

Today, the world is all about storing data virtually. The use of physical files and information is minimal. All the critical information is stored virtually, which is later protected via data security. According to leading experts, the Cyber Security market is expected to reach a whopping 35 billion USD by 2025. To be able to attain this mark by 2020, it has been found that there is a pressing need for around 1 million Cyber Security professionals in India alone.

HackerU is the world leader in Cyber Security knowledge transfer, technological solutions, and services for more than 23 years. They are known for designing unique courses to up-skill and re-skill thousands of professionals in over 12 countries across the world.

This 600 hours blended program includes 20 + 40 hours of instructor-led online & 540 hours of live online intensive learning.

Refund will be processed according to our Refund policy. Please reach out to our admissions team for more details.

Yes, there will be assessments, scores and grading during the course of the program.

The program fees for the course is INR 2,80,000.

All students have to pay INR 28,000 for the sorting phase before joining the program, which will cover the 40 hours of the entire program. At the end of Phase 2- Sorting Phase (the 60 hours of training), students will have a one-on-one evaluation meeting with the instructor to evaluate their admission to the final intensive 540 hours. One will have to pay the rest of the fee amount before they get admitted for the final phase of the program. (0% interest EMI options available).

Once a student has cleared the first two phases, i.e., Cyber Security 101 and Sorting Phase, they shall have a one-on-one evaluation meeting with the instructor to evaluate their admission to the main 540 hours phase. One will have to pay the rest of the fee amount before they get admitted for the final phase of the program.

Hailed by many as one of the most respected cyber security certifications for security penetration testers, the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification is sought after by aspiring white hats all over the world. A growing percentage of cybersecurity-related businesses are requiring that a prospective hire possess this certification to even be considered for a position responsible for doing penetration testing.

It is an ethical hacking certification offered by Offensive Security that teaches penetration testing methodologies. The OSCP is a hands-on penetration testing certification, requiring holders to successfully attack and penetrate various live machines in a safe lab environment. It is considered more technical than other ethical hacking certifications, and is one of the few cyber security certifications that requires evidence of practical penetration testing skills.

The OSCP Certification is a global qualification that virtually guarantees its holders a lucrative career in the offensive cyber security domain. In this program, students will receive the qualification training required to pass the OSCP exam. This is also mandatory to be eligible for the guaranteed placements offered by Jigsaw Academy and HackerU both in India, and internationally.

The OSCP/OSWE prep is designed for professionals who have an active understanding of red team methodologies looking to prove themselves with the industry’s most prestigious cyber security certification. The course is not designed for beginners.
The HackerU program, designed by experts currently leading the field, gives you all the information, knowledge, and tools to begin a successful career in cyber security and pass the OSCP/OSWE certification exam. We work with each of our students face to face from the beginning to end, ensuring our expertise and knowledge is passed to our learners.



For any queries regarding admissions for the cyber security certification program, or to establish industry or academia relationships, or additional assistance, reach out to us at or +91 90192 27000.


HackerU, Shoham St 5, Ramat Gan, Israel


Jigsaw Academy, 308, 3rd Floor, 100ft Main Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560038