Eliza Matthen, a Data Analyst at Marketelligent talks to Jigsaw about what drew her to Data Analytics, what she loves best about her job as a data scientist and how she spends a typical day in the office.

Tell us a little about yourself, your academic background? 

I did my schooling from The Lawrence School, Lovedale, OOTY. For 12th I took Science with Biology. I joined St.Xaviers, Mumbai for BSc. Mathematics being my favorite subject I took a combination of Mathematics, Statistics and Economics. I found statistics interesting and I finally did BSc Statistics with Computer Applications. After finishing my degree in 2012 I joined Marketelligent as an intern for 6 months after which I am continuing as a consultant. I also like playing badminton , listening to music and watching movies etc.

What got you interested in analytics? 

An analytic company came to St.Xaviers for placement and spoke about their work which I found very exciting and I thought it is the right platform where I could put to good use my subject knowledge and skills.

When did you join Marketelligent, and what is your job profile? 

I joined in June, 2012.

I am a Business Analyst and I handle the data download, processing/cleaning, I analyze the data and come up with actionable insights. The data is then represented in a dashboard format. I also interact with clients.

What is your potential career path? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I would like to gain few year’s experience and then do my Masters in Business Analytics. I hope to make a career in this field and excel in what I do 5 years from now.

Take us through a typical day in your life.

On a normal day I come to office around 10am, I download the required data and process the data in the required format for which I use SAS or SQL. Then I create reports using Xcelsius or PowerPoint to make it visually appealing and also provide insights/summary on the reports. This normally ends around 6.30 pm. It all really depends on our client needs. Some days it might go on a little longer as we have calls with our US based clients. We also have team meeting on some days where each team gives updates about their projects. There are also training/knowledge transfer that happens simultaneously with our usual work.

Most exciting thing about your job.

I am exposed to a lot of modelling techniques, variety of analytical tools, and the most exciting thing is to be able to implement all that into my work.

Which kind of projects do you like working on most?

I like being part of projects that involve forecasting / predicting and also working on-site.

Any advice for others interested in becoming data scientists?

Having basic knowledge about SAS, SQL and Excel would help you a lot to catch up in the field. Do expect yourself to stretch more than the usual working hours as you might be working with overseas clients.

What are your predictions for analytics in India?

Analysis is very important in for any business today and in the future we will see more companies demanding information in real time. This will give them an edge and help in improving, monitoring and conducting their business, as well as identifying further opportunities.

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