Meet Jigsawite Aniruddh Sarkar- Business Systems Analyst turned Data Analyst

Aniruddh is an engineer, has an MBA and began his career in HDFC as a Management trainee. He became aware of analytics through his boss and after researching the field he was hooked. He knew he was a math kind of guy and considering the huge potential that a career in analytics holds, Aniruddh enrolled in Jigsaw Academy for the Foundation Course and hasn’t looked back.

In a chat with us he said that, “I chose Jigsaw because it is regarded as the best place for analytics in India across all blogs, rankings etc. It was a good choice as the learning was industry relevant and in the end I was able to get a job as senior analyst at Absolutdata.

Take a look at this video interview with Aniruddh and get inspired. He talks candidly about why he made the career shift to analytics, his experience with Jigsaw Academy and why he thinks online learning is as effective as classroom learning.

Off camera, he also shared some of his interview experiences. This will be of great help to all of you preparing for analytics interviews.

“I applied for a data analyst job through Naukri and got called for an interview. The interview went on for about 45mins. It started with a discussion about my background and we then went on to discuss my work-experience. After that, I was asked more analytics-related questions like:

  • Difference between the data step and proc step.
  • Logistic regression output interpretation (project-based questions mostly)
  • How to create bins.
  • Sql queries
  • Use of macros.. i explained just the basics which i knew
  • Merging different tables.
  • Primarily the interview was driven through my CV and prior work ex/projects that i had been part of.

I would advise all those of you who want a career in Data Analytics to learn as much as you can with respect to the different tools and technologies being used by firms. Have expertise in at least two domains like BSFI/Pharma/CRM/Retail etc. and then hope for the best 🙂

There is great scope in this industry for at least another 10-15 years. With the increasing number of firms realizing the importance of data-driven decisions, it’s probably the best time for any individual to jump into the field of data analytics and research.”

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