Meet Jigsawite Rachit Khanna… Badminton Champion, Analytics Enthusiast who made a Career Shift into Data Analytics

Even though I had a B.Tech and MBA, I found I was struggling with my career direction. I needed a shift, a job that I would love doing, a job that would take my career to higher places.

How many of you have had this very thought?

Well, let’s hear firsthand from Rachit, how he managed this shift and began a career in Data Analytics. But first off, here’s a little intro to Rachit:

Rachit enjoys playing badminton and swimming. He is in fact a professional badminton player, who has participated in two All India Badminton Championships. He isn’t just a sports star though. He is also a dedicated Jigsawite, who caught the eye of his mentor as someone who is savvy, hardworking, ambitious and a go getter. When we heard that Rachit had qot called for interviews at GE, Genpact, HSBC and EXL we were impressed and proud. Its stories of people like Rachit who inspire others who want to begin a career in analytics.

Over to you Rachit…


“I am basically an engineer from U.P Technical University. After graduating, I began working at HCL BPO Services as CSE. In order to have better career prospects, I then enrolled for the Executive MBA programme at IIPM, New Delhi and when I finished, I began working for Contentra Technologies in a reporting role. My job was largely about generating various reports using MS Excel.

However I soon realized that my future prospects were not all that great and I could not see where I was really headed. Networking on Linkedin, I found that there were many others like me, people who had struggled for few years after doing Engineering and a MBA. I found that many of them had decided to make a career shift to Analytics and after interacting with them, I came to know that all of them are doing great and enjoying their job.

I started reading up about analytics and realized that I will be a good fit for this profile. The more I read up about the field, the more I was convinced that this was the career for me and I became passionate about analytics.

I began researching analytics courses and found Jigsaw. I got good feedback about Jigsaw courses from Jigsaw alumni and confidently joined their Foundation Course in Analytics in May this year (I also enrolled for their Financial Analytics and Fraud Analytics Courses).

My experience with Jigsaw was very nice. The Jigsaw faculty are very helpful and they cover even basic topics to bring all students at the same page.

As I was finishing my courses at Jigsaw I began job hunting. Initially, the job search was tough but I gained confidence after giving few interviews which finally got converted into success.

For all of you who want to make a break into Analytics, my advice would be to take that first step and begin building your analytics skill set. Focus on understanding concepts and practice them. For me, I had Jigsaw’s support all along the way and I thank them for my success. They helped a lot by arranging interviews and more importantly, they helped me prepare for interviews.

Data is increasing at a mind boggling speed and consequently the jobs in data related fields are only increasing. According to a statement made by IBM’s Chief Executive, “The current boom in Analytics Industry will be at least 10 times greater than the boom of IT Industry in the 90s”. I think I am definitely in the right place. I have now joined GE Capital, Hyderabad as an Analyst in the Marketing Analytics team and I am feeling really good…I am going in the right direction and I look forward to a great career ahead.

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