Meet Kamraj Subramanian- Jigsaw Academy’s Student of the Year

Jigsaw Academy is always proud of their students. Whether it’s their achievements or their career advancements, we walk with them every step of the way. This year we thought of a new initiative, recognizing and honoring the best of the best. In this regard, we asked the faculty and others from the support and student experience team to nominate a few of their best students for the Jigsaw Student of the Year Award. The selection committee then evaluated each nominee based on several criteria like timely submission of assignments; good feedback from faculty/student experience team/support team; extraordinary efforts in taking up Jigsaw projects and good grades.  Though it was a tough decision, the undisputed winner was Kamraj Subramanian!

We invited Kamraj over to the Jigsaw office last week to officially hand over the award. It was a great opportunity for Kamraj to meet the whole team and vice versa. Sarita Digumarti, co founder of Jigsaw Academy made a short speech where she talked about what an exemplary student Kamraj was. “His enthusiasm and motivation is remarkable and his drive and thirst for learning is an inspiration for us all.” she said. Sanchita Lobo, handed over his award to him along with a Jigsaw Academy course voucher.

Kamraj is an Energetic computer science engineer with media sales and marketing experience. While doing his under graduation, he got involved in his dad’s business and began working as a media marketing executive. On graduating he continued to work in the family business Cauvery Times as Head of Marketing and Sales in Trichy. Having heard of the analytics boom, he began reading and exploring the industry and was hooked. He decided to pick up some analytics skills and joined Jigsaw Academy for the Foundation+Data Scientist video combo course in July 2014. In November he also completed the Fraud Analytics course. His hard work and fortitude paid off and his goal of becoming a successful Business Analyst has just come true. He got placed at Noah Data Technologies, Chennai as a Data Analyst.

Kamraj is not just analytics savvy. He is an avid sportsman who has played a lot of  cricket for his school and college cricket teams where he excelled as an opening batsman and leg spinner.  He has also won several medals for his school and college swimming teams in zonal and inter zonal competitions.

Let’s hear from Kamraj firsthand about his analytics journey..

“Hello everyone! I’m Kamraj Subramanian, one of the 2014 computer science graduates who desired to do an undergraduate business degree but still ended up with an engineering one. But I would not blame it on anyone anymore as I have a got a job in the field of Analytics which is somewhat a combination of both business and computer science engineering.

Right from my teenage years I had a lot of interest towards sales and marketing, and  have always thought that I was good with promoting a business. I was very lucky to serve as a marketing executive for a weekly neighborhood newspaper “Cauvery Times” throughout my under graduation as it was published by my dad in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. With so much of hard work done for over four years, I was offered the role of head, sales and marketing for the same concern after my graduation.

After my under graduation I was really looking to bridge the gap between my under graduation major and my personal goals, that is to make business suggestions to promote the business. Till my under graduation I had no idea about Analytics and I only came to know about it through e-magazines and blogs. Everything about Analytics really did excite me and I was curious to explore more of it. That’s when I started searching the internet for the academies that offer analytics courses.

It was around this time that I got a call from Jigsaw academy and I should say definitely this was the turning point in my career. I joined the Foundation and Data Scientist courses. The student support team was so good that I took a couple of course-works without knowing much about the curriculum. The course gave me good knowledge on basic concepts of statistics, predictive modeling with SAS and R tools and on how to deal with real time data. The variety of the data sets used in the assignments and the kind of environment created by the Jigsaw faculty and supporting staffs made the coursework even more interesting. The faculty at Jigsaw have so much of prior work experience in the field of Analytics. Other than the technical side these experienced professionals at Jigsaw taught me how to become a successful data analyst. The coursework was very interesting that I managed to complete it in a very short time.( I have probably set a record at Jigsaw for this!)

It’s just like I gave my 100% and these people at Jigsaw gave their 200% in shaping me into a professional data analyst. The story doesn’t ends here. As soon as I finished my coursework the career services officer at Jigsaw called me. She helped me to frame my resume better and managed to get me an interview call in ten days time.I should say that the mock interview I had at Jigsaw was very instrumental and helped a lot for the final interview. It helped me to impress the interviewer which resulted in myself securing the job. Although I have done a lot of hard work and it did really pay off, the hero behind the scene was Jigsaw, as they gave me the platform to work on, providing me with a lot of motivation and support.

Personally, I feel that one should consider making a career in the field of Analytics, particularly if it is something you have an interest in. As data is growing day by day so is the demand for data analysts. Now as a data analyst I firmly believe that logically perfect business suggestions can be made by analyzing data and that companies will benefit and make better profits, while also servicing customers better. I do believe that in the near future, the success of a business will only be scripted by a data analyst and decision makers.”

We once again congratulate Kamraj and wish him the very best in his career. I hope his story will inspire many of you. Data analytics can really be a game changer in your life. The key is in taking those steps to get skilled in industry-relevant skills and work hard. Yes, hard work always pays off.  Ask Kamraj….

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