We Have New Look…Jigsaw Academy Launches a New Website

Well if you have been on our website in the last week or so, you already know that we have a new and special experience for all who visit our site. Well today we are officially letting all of you know that we have launched a new site at Jigsaw Academy and welcome all of you to come try it out.

In this post we would really like to tell you all about the new website, why we made certain changes, what’s new and what kind of experience you can look forward to when visiting our site. Well, who better to tell you all about it than our very own Sushma Bharath, who was at the epicenter of it all. Over to you Sushma…

So we launched a new site at Jigsaw Academy. What’s new you ask? Well, tons! 

The first thing was the look and feel that we were keen on changing. But at the same time, there was consistent feedback from people on things that they liked in our site – clean spaces, white, not being too content-heavy, while at the same time ensuring all the information was available conveniently. We had also in the last few months launched a fair number of new courses, and instead of the ad-hoc addition of courses to the list, we wanted to see if we could categorize and present them in a slightly more organized fashion. 

Hence we kept a lot of white space, spaced out a lot of the items that we wanted to retain on the home page, and discussed how we could combine elements while at the same time retaining a sense of convenience, cleanliness and ease-of-use.

Needless to say, the most amount of time was spent on our home page and our top bar. We wanted to ensure that the ‘items’ that were most popular / searched for were at arms reach for any visitor to our website. The other key driver on the site was our ‘Free Trial’, where would-be students can experience all our courses, content, videos and the learning centre for free – before they sign up. So that was also an important factor – ensuring that access to our free trial signup was easy to reach and noticeable.

The sidebar is a brand new addition to the new site. We used data to evaluate the most visited pages of the website, and aggregated them into this neat little bar so that you can access them from anywhere on the site. We also added the Jigsaw Course Selector – a fun and interesting way of deciding your analytics career path … but more on that in a later post.

We also integrated 3 sliders – so that we could present updates, news and offers in a single frame without having to spend time navigating through the whole site.

My favorite addition to the home page though is the neatly arranged ‘Courses’ bar, that shows you at a glance which courses we offer, and their most critical details. It starts off with our Specializations (focused combinations of courses that we have created starting from beginner to advanced levels), and then the individual courses. It also includes information on our popular university and corporate trainings. 

Throughout the website we’ve also integrated several testimonials by our students, corporate clients, university clients – with links to their websites or Linkedin profiles. This is because of consistent feedback that we’ve received from our students about how they want to see our success stories, they want to know who are the people who have taken our courses, and how its affected their lives. We do hope by doing this, students are a lot more confident about their choices and the career paths they choose. In the near future, we do plan to include more personal success stories from our students.

Our course pages have also seen a radical change. 

We have tried to maintain the balance between providing detailed information about the course, along with trying to ensure that the content does not overwhelm. All the course outline info, the case studies, everything the student might want to do before doing the course has been organized in a single information tab, so the info does not clog up the page. The same thing with the critical course details – how many hours, costs, learning modes – have been summed up in the ‘Quick Glance’ box on the left. We also ensure that student can immediately see the first video, and offer a more indepth experience if they sign up on the ‘Free Trial’.

There are also a lot more new additions to the site – develop a course – aimed at content creators and professionals with business knowledge who may wish to create a course for us, how online training works, and many others. We’d love to have your feedback about our new site – things that worked for you, things that didn’t. Do let us know by emailing us at info@jigsawacademy.com or by calling us at +919243522277. Happy surfing! 🙂

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