Now you Don’t Have to Wait to Register in one of Jigsaw’s Courses to get a Feel of how They Work


Yes we aren’t fooling around. Believe it or not, you can now get a firsthand feel of how our courses work by signing up for a Free Trial. And what’s more, you also get access to some amazing analytics content absolutely free of cost.


Well, we believe that the best way for you to decide whether our analytics courses are for you, is by actually going through them. And we know that once you get a feel of how user friendly our platform is, once you see how interesting and relevant our course content is, you will come away impressed. You will love the fact that we deliver the content in a fun and informative way, with practical and cool examples. And then, when you are ready to begin a course, we hope you will consider usJ

In a nutshell, here’s what you get to sample with the trial:

  • Course Videos
  • Class Recordings
  • Ebooks
  • Other reading material
  • The latest salary report for the analytics industry
  • Join a discussion in the online forum

You can also invite your friends to try our content. And you will be rewarded for it too! Click on the “Offers” tab and fill out the referral form out there. Leave a message for your friends and invite them and we will send out an invitation email to them with a free trial. When they sign up, you will be given a discount on our courses.

So go on then, visit our website and click on FREE TRIAL. Get to know what Jigsaw is really about…. learn a little…. have some fun. Find out just how interesting Data Analytics really is.

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