Our COO Sarita Digumarti at the LIFT India Conference!

True to its positioning as the most happening city in India for information technology, Bangalore was recently the host for Lift India conference, which is a key international event about innovation and digital technologies that happened between October 27 and November 2, 2015. The conference was a congregation of inspiring speeches and interactive workshops, a Swiss Innovation Night – focusing on best technologies from Swiss Labs, and an exhibition of interactive media projects and models to look out for!

Our COO, Sarita Digumarti, was one of the keynote speakers in the conference, framing the day by speaking about the significance of human element while working with data, and emphasizing that data alone cannot change the world, but the people who use data can!  Also during the speech she touched upon topics relating to what kind of data and analytical tools we have access to nowadays, and why now is the time to harness the power of data!

We asked Sarita to share a snapshot of her speech and so here goes:

The theme of the conference was Data and Reinterpretation of Data and the focus of my talk was Data and the Human factor, with the idea being that we will always need humans to use data effectively to change the world. I spoke about how the greatest data stories today are those that use data to make the world a better place. There are heroes all over the world, who are using numbers, information and analytics to clean the environment, safeguard human rights, protect our forests and water bodies, and make our communities safe our children to grow up in. This is data and the human factor.

At the end, even data in a beautiful form has been mapped, tracked, drawn or imagined visually by a human being. People look beyond the numbers, the information, the data and think of how they can use it to solve some of the greatest crises our world faces today. I ended by saying that I hope that today, with every single presentation, idea, concept you hear – remember that all this is possible because of you, because of us, and because of the human race, and ability to do something with data.”

To know more on what happened at the conference you can read this article in Bangalore Mirror.

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