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AIM Research in association with Jigsaw Academy has developed this report to estimate the broader impacts of the recession on salaries across the analytics industry – this would cover the short to medium to long-term impact on salaries (sector-wise), and the time taken for salaries to rise to the pre-recession levels.

Analytics Salary Study 2020

The annual Analytics India Salary the report presented by AIM and Jigsaw Academy is the only annual study in India that delves into salary trends and provides a comprehensive view of the changing landscape of analytics salaries.

State of Cybersecurity in India: 2020

Analytics India Magazine & Jigsaw Academy presents the impactful insights on the state of the Indian Cybersecurity market and capabilities. Cybersecurity receives renewed focus with the growth of Digital Payments, Transaction Platforms, Data Science, and Cloud Platforms

Realize Your Cloud Computing Dreams

Cloud generally refers to the nebulous cloud that the internet symbolises, i.e. the network of computers that process these services. Amazon’s launch of Amazon Web Services in 2006 can be considered as a pivotal moment in the evolution of cloud computing, but it is not the first instance that the idea of cloud computing came to be.

Analytics and Data Science in Indian Financial Sector: A Deep Dive 2019

Data science in the finance industry has been disruptive. With companies across the BFSI sector looking to leverage the potential of analytics to the fullest, this special report sheds light on opportunities for aspirants, job and hiring trends, top companies in the country, salaries and more. A must read!

Analytics Job Market Statistics 2019

The Analytics Job Market Statistics 2019 is a definitive handbook every aspirant needs right now to make that one life-changing decision to switch career paths.
We are sure that this report would answer some of the most crucial questions you’ll have in terms of career opportunities, salaries, cities with most vacancies and more. Check it out.

The 101 Uses of IOT Handbook 2018

Did you know that analytics technology is being used in everything from whisky bottles to airplane engines? Companies like Johnnie Walker, Rolls Royce and many more are tapping into the power of the Internet of Things to enhance their products. This book explores 101 different applications of IOT, and how the technology is impacting businesses and services across multiple sectors worldwide.

The Ultimate HR Analytics Handbook 2018

Today, data has become a key ingredient to the successful operations of many companies, businesses and startups. As more organizations wake up to the inevitability of data, this is the time businesses also pressurize one of the core departments of any business – the HR – to implement data analytics into its operations as well.

IoT India Salary Study 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the ways we live, operate and perform tasks in our daily lives. With the IoT wave going mainstream the opportunities are plenty and the rewards, substantial. The IoT India Salary Study 2017 follows the trends in salaries and job roles currently prevailing in the IoT sector. With this report, explore the IoT job scenario and learn which skills to pick up to become successful.

Jigsaw Analytics Industry Report 2017

The Analytics Industry report 2017 offers the most authentic information on how you can switch to analytics, the tools you need to master, the best cities to work in, the salary packages for analytics experts, and what the future looks like for analytics. The report also offers crucial insights for freshers on how and where they can kick start their careers in analytics. Get more clarity on the analytics industry and make a seamless shift into the industry with this extensive report.

A Beginner’s Guide to Analytics

Confident about the future of analytics, but unsure of taking the plunge?
In the near future more start-ups will raise huge sums of money, big corporates will consolidate their data operations and multinationals will set up more data centres. Get a definitive insight into the Next Big Thing of Business, with this informative eBook.

A Beginner's Guide to Big Data Analytics

Is it worth taking out time from your busy schedule to learn Big Data skills? As data collection increases exponentially across industries, sectors and countries, the demand for Big Data analytics will experience an enormous surge. Get all your Big Data doubts answered with this eBook and ensure your career grows by leaps and bounds.

3 Years in IT Sector, What Next?

There are tons of reasons to stay in IT for years. However, there’s only one why you shouldn’t – career stagnation. Don’t believe us? Check out the very special report developed in collaboration with Analytics India Magazine on why you shouldn’t stay in IT for more than 3 years. Get it now!

Easy Everyday Excel Hacks

Don’t push off mastering Excel to another day. It’s time to excel with the world’s most popular productivity tool. The power to organize and compute data will help you with your business, job performance, and career. You can improve your skills, boost your earnings, and use Excel itself to build a career.

Analytics Jobs Study 2016

This in-depth analysis of the analytics job market covers every aspect of the industry. It brings emerging top trends such as recruitment patterns, educational qualifications, required experiences, cities with maximum analytics job opportunities and so much more.