Sharing Some Testimonials Sent in by Jigsawites

We are proud to share with all of you some of the recent testimonials and comments from Jigsawites. Thanks to all of you who take the time to let us know about your experiences with Jigsaw. We are always striving to train you in the skills, most in demand and relevant, in the analytics industry, while simultaneously making it fun and interesting. If you have a story to tell do share yours.

Preetham Rao

Jigsaw Academy is a great place to Learn Analytics. I previously have had no experience in Analytics and as a field it really interested me. I did a lot of research and finally zeroed in on 2 institutes in Bangalore for a course on Analytics( My main interest was SAS). After speaking to a few people, I realized Jigsaw was the place to be. Even on doing a good amount of comparisons online(One comparison was between Jigsaw and IIM-B) , I decided that Jigsaw was the institute to enroll for. Though the other option was much more cheaper, at the end of the day, you always select the place from where you could be better off in the future than sooner! The faculty quality is nothing short of exceptional! Fabulous, Experienced, practical as well as a very good hands-on approach to each topic. Especially, considering that SAS is a programming language, a hands-on approach is almost inevitable and this is what makes Jigsaw stand out! Sarita: probably the Best Analytics Prof! You could teach a nation Analytics!! Shilpa Jat: Thank you for constatntly replying to my incessant number of doubts in the assignments!! You have constantly supported and helped me with my issues and topics! Thank you very much!! The support is another brilliant team. Every time I’ve had issues, they have responded positively as well as promptly! To cite an instance , I was facing an issue while connecting to a Remote Desktop. It was a lazy Sunday Afternoon and I sent a mail to the Support. I immediately(< 5 mins) received a reply which sent me a step-by-step procedure to sort out the issue and I was back to my assignments! Thank you Moses, Ramesh and the Team!! Overall a great institute! A great future to a great start-up!!

Bhargav RK

Hi, My name is Bhargav and a proud student of Jigsaw Academy, A place where you can look for the best career and opportunities in Analytics. Trust me, they provide the skills exact way the industry looks for, its not just teaching they groom the student at par to the level of competency in the industry. A basic learner can easily understands the level of language and techniques. Jigsaw Academy also supports each student methodically and take my words this is the place one should invest money to learn for growth. I would like to thank Jigsaw team especially Gaurav, Sarita and my friend Moses for their extended support. 

Amit Singh

Very good statistics course,easy to understand even for the students/professionals with non-statistical background and at the same time covers all the topics needed in analytics industry. A perfect mixture of courses i.e. online and video based courses enabling students and professionals to choose the course according to their convenience and can learn at their own pace.

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