Lockdown, markets down, economy down and most likely it looks like it’s going to take a while for things to normalize and take an upswing. However the spirit of the people out there needs to be very high to keep fighting back during tough times, since tough times don’t last long but tough people do. One important aspect of this fighting back is learning and re-skilling especially in the topics related to analytics and data science.

There is no second thought about investing in re-skilling at any point of time during one’s career. The question at this point of time is how to choose the right vendor while being frugal, yet wise. Given the fact that there are quite a lot of options available out there and it is quite a task to choose the right kind of course. The 2 kinds of easy decisions are either to enroll into a high priced course for the brand value of the institute or enroll into the lowest priced course available. Both of these decisions might not seem right at this point in time.  

Five point somethings to consider while making such a decision.

One, check how long since the academy has been in the market offering analytics and data science courses, it would not be a wrong decision to choose the pioneers in this space.

Two, the instructor pool, the field of data science/ analytics does not insist on people having fancy PhD degrees as this field demands diversely skilled industry practitioners rather than pure play academicians.

Three, mode of delivery. It’s wise to choose an online mode of delivery as opposed to in person classes at this point in time given to the pandemic situation.

Four, pricing of the course. Ask yourself if it’s worth paying in lacs for an online program given to the current market scenario.  

Five, duration of the course. Data science is a field which needs solving a lot of practice case studies and this demands dedicating quality time for the learners unlike any other IT related training courses which can be delivered in a relatively short duration. Slow learning is sure learning!

Remember, it would take a while for the markets to recover, so it would not be a bad idea to take things slow at the moment. Most importantly, do not fall prey to free course offerings. As the saying goes…”If you don’t pay for the product, you are the product!”


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