Editor’s Note: Future Proof your Career With the PGPDM Course

Earlier, we had written a review of the PGPBA program where Great Lakes had partnered with Jigsaw Academy for a blended learning program. This article also shared the opinions of some of our students who had undertaken the course. At the time, it was one of the most advanced and comprehensive courses in the market.

However, as the needs of the analytics professional have grown, we have developed a more comprehensive program – The PGPDM, with the University of Chicago, Graham School.

A lot of things have happened over the last few years. In the IT sector in India, especially, changes have been dynamic. We witnessed new technologies coming in, some becoming obsolete, changes in the job market like retrenchments and new job profiles and new opportunities. Considering all the changes, we thought it would be best to give you updated information about what’s happening in analytics.
Apart from the fact that analytics is the hottest job of the 21st century, this industry is the most lucrative right now. India, for instance, is increasingly becoming an analytics hub, requiring over 50,000 skilled data scientists by 2018. More companies are realizing the potential of analytics and are increasingly reinvesting on this technology to grow their business and make better-informed decisions. The industry is requiring the most talented professionals to take up niche responsibilities in organizations. Since data scientists play an influential role in businesses with their insights on customer behavior, competitor analysis, supply-chain concerns, user experience and more, businesses are focusing on recruiting only the best.
The fierce competition requires equally comprehensive analytics courses and that’s why we’re bringing you a course more advanced and effective – the Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM). The exhaustive course is brought to you by the combined vision of the University of Chicago and Jigsaw Academy.
This future-ready course will prepare you for the role of a data scientist and equip you with skills that every company today is looking out for. If you’re looking to switch to a career in analytics, this is the best course to get started with as you will be learning from industry veterans from around the globe. You will also be working on real-world case studies and data sets that are designed to give you hands on experience on what the industry is all about and what you will be doing once you join.
You will learn business intelligence and business analytics concepts and understand how you can use both to make crucial business decisions. You will also learn to use analytics tools like R, Hadoop, Python, Spark and more. The best part of the program is that once you complete the course, you will get a globally recognized certificate from the University of Chicago and access to the elite university’s alumni network.
For the analytics aspirant in you, there’s no better analytics course you can get. Covering all that’s needed for an analytics career, you not just complete the program but become industry-ready, which is the most crucial aspect of any program. Most of us complete our courses but how ready are we to join the industry – that’s what defines us.
With the time being perfect to switch to analytics, we recommend you future-proof your career with the PGPDM course.

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