Ganapathy successfully shifted to Big Data analytics by learning advanced analytics tools and leveraging 10 years of IT experience


Armed with a master’s degree in information technology, Ganapathy worked in reputable software firms for ten years. He actively worked in Big Data projects for his work, where he spent a lot of time learning analytics tools, sparking his interest to learn formal Big Data skills.
He chose Jigsaw’s Big Data Specialist course after careful research. Ganapathy bagged a job as a Technical Architect – Big Data Hadoop at Confidencial and is planning to join the Executive Program in Business Analytics offered by MISB Bocconi & Jigsaw Academy.


Tell us about your ten years in the software field.
After completing a master’s degree, I started working in IT ten years back. My career progressed with leading software MNCs. During that time, I also received an MBA degree in IT management. In the last couple of years, I came to know that data analytics and Big Data were becoming critical needs for enterprises. I started reading up on this field and discovered that it offered many exciting opportunities. Luckily, I gained some exposure to Big Data projects in my last role. I spent a lot of time – at the workplace and beyond – on these projects, which sparked my interest in analytics. I decided to get formal training in Big Data.

Why did you choose Jigsaw?
I researched extensively to ensure that I was choosing a course that was worth my money and time. After reading many reviews and testimonials, I chose Jigsaw Academy – their curriculum seemed comprehensive and students received access to real life data sets. What tilted the scales in Jigsaw’s favor was the fact that their content had great synergy with real life business situations. I enrolled for Jigsaw’s Big Data Specialist course and as expected, the experience was excellent. The content was exhaustive, but easy to comprehend. After each module was completed, I was exposed to real industry data, which helped develop my skills.

What tilted the scales in Jigsaw’s favor was the fact that their content had great synergy with real life business situations.

Looking back, how do you rate your decision to switch to analytics?
Jigsaw’s course was a game changer in my career. It taught me more than what the industry was looking for. I was in an enviable position. With my experience and newly learnt skills I could have joined as a senior analyst right away. However, I wanted to do justice to my mid-career shift. I wanted to improve my team management skills and the ability to successfully lead a cross-functional analytics team, with a specific focus on profitability improvement. Hence, I enrolled for a post graduate programme in business analytics from a leading B-school. Midway through the course, I was offered the position of project lead in analytics at Value Labs. I’m now working on setting up their global analytics consultancy, which includes defining their vision and strategy, and coordinating the efforts of their team of analysts.

What would you advise analytics aspirants?
Analytics has grown swiftly, and is poised for quantum growth in the near future. Anyone can enter this field – be it a fresher or a professional with a decade of experience! If you have decided to join analytics, look for a comprehensive training course with more focus on practical aspects of analytics. With focus, hard work and innovation, I am sure your career will progress faster than ever. 

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