Kaushik upgraded his analytics skills and leveraged his previous experience to work at the intersection of his passions


Kaushik worked in sales for four years. Despite working long hours, he was not sure where his career was headed. After consulting friends and advisors from different industries, he discovered that analytics would be a perfect fit for his ambitions and experience.
After much research, he chose Jigsaw Academy, where he completed two courses. Kaushik landed a job as a Data Scientist at WNS Global Services and is now working at the intersection of areas that interest him the most – shopper analytics and business development.


Tell us about the first few years of your career.
After completing my engineering, I joined a leading refrigeration & air-conditioning company as a sales engineer. After gaining two years of experience, I completed my MBA and joined a reputable telecom service provider in a sales role. I progressed well for the next two years, but I was not sure how my career would shape up a few years down the line. I wanted to learn new skills and join another field, while still leveraging the skills and learning gained so far.

How did you make the switch from sales to analytics?
I researched extensively to ensure that I was choosing a course that was worth my money and time. After reading many reviews and testimonials, I chose Jigsaw Academy – their curriculum seemed comprehensive and students received access to real life data sets. What tilted the scales in Jigsaw’s favor was the fact that their content had great synergy with real life business situations.

I enrolled for the Wiley Big Data Specialist course and as expected, the experience was excellent. The content was exhaustive, but easy to comprehend. After each module was completed, I was exposed to real industry data, which helped develop my skills.

Jigsaw helped me make that critical transition from sales to analytics …[Jigsaw] gave me a perspective of how large companies use huge amounts of data to discover actionable insights that help drive their businesses forward.

How has your data analytics career fared so far?
Even as I was completing the course at Jigsaw, I was convinced that analytics would change my life – and it did. Armed with the new analytics skills I learned at Jigsaw, I successfully landed a job with the CPG-Retail team in WNS that worked on retail and food-service analytics. I completed a three month stint at the client’s US headquarters, where I worked on business development and their in-house consumer research protocols. Since August 2013 I am working in my client’s London office as a part of the regional BU’s Knowledge and Insights team. I am working mostly in shopper analytics. I also play one of the key business development roles for WNS.

What does the future hold for analytics?
Analytics is growing at a rapid pace already, and seems set to achieve faster growth in the years to come. I am quite confident about my analytics skills, and I am sure I will utilize the challenging opportunities that will come my way in the future.

I took proactive steps to ensure a successful switch to analytics. Isn’t it time you take charge of your career too? A couple of analytics courses can turn your career around and enable you to make a successful career shift. Do adequate research, seek professional training and make your mark in the field of the future.

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