L&D Manager to Analytics Expert: Making a Career Win with Jigsaw Academy

We are very happy to feature a discussion with Vicky Crasto, a super successful student at Jigsaw Academy. Vicky has not only excelled in the Data Science and Machine Learning Specialization, but has been a winner of two industry mentored Data Science contests and 4 internal Jigsaw contests.

What makes his achievements more incredible is that his background is non-programming and non-technical – he is an L&D Manager at an e-Learning company. You can find his profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vicky-crasto-3b39b577/

We spoke to him to understand the secrets of his success, and his advice to fellow students on how to leverage the course, not just the content, but also the additional opportunities available as part of the Jigsaw platform.

Here are some excerpts of his conversation with us:

How do you build hands-on experience?

Vicky Crasto: Other than the main course material and content, the case studies helped me connect what I have learnt with what needs to be done when presented with a problem statement. The examples that were used to teach were extremely relatable and gave a sense of deeper understanding of everything being taught.

One key place where I could learn was through the contests and challenges, maybe more so than the course. This was where I was applying everything I learnt in the course to a real world business problem that was given to us, and I could see the application take shape. A lot of my learning happened during this time.

How to manage if there is no prior programming experience?

Vicky Crasto: I had no experience in coding prior to taking up the course and was worried how I can keep up with it. But the way the course and concepts were taught was a big relief for me as it was clear and to the point. What was needed was told in very clear words and was very easy to follow.

What I especially loved was how the course set the context for the concepts, and how it applied to real world problems and applications. Bringing in the business context along with the technical concepts was a great way for me to learn about how analytics actually works in a business environment.

What are the additional benefits of career webinars?

Vicky Crasto: Jigsaw gives you all the things needed to get started in analytics. I’d say Jigsaw is the gunpowder and analytics is the gun. It sets a context on which technique to use when and where. The context and content was relevant to me. It is not just the how and what, I also learnt the why of doing it.

The webinar sessions were extremely helpful. Being able to interact with industry leaders who spoke about things which we actually needed – how to build an analytics CV, roles in analytics and what each of them needs, how to prepare for an analytics job etc – were great things to learn. The speakers were honest and clearly told what needs to be done and how we can go about doing it.

They presented us with what the real world is like and how one can make it as an analytics/data science professional. I really enjoyed the webinars by Puneet GambhirSnehamoy Mukherjee, and Anand S. It was great to listen them talk.

One other thing that really helped me was the weekly job posting updates that we got. These are very useful, if not for anything, to understand what companies are looking for in their analytics talent.

Congratulations Vicky, on winning multiple contests and making the most of the course. We wish you the very best and multiple successes for the future.

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