Team Jigsaw Under One Roof

This post was written by Sasha Mathrani. We thank Sasha for contributing to this post.

After having two offices a two-minute walk away from each other, Jigsaw Academy is finally all under one roof. From having a total of 5,000 square feet of office space, we now have almost 10,000 square feet of built up area. And with the way the Jigsaw Team is rapidly growing, we definitely need this space. At present we have 75 employees working full time from our new office and space to grow comfortably even more.

The new office, much like our previous offices, is a house; of course a much bigger house this time, but retaining all the informality and the warmth that we are used to. And now instead of having to run back and forth between separate offices, everyone is under one roof. As Geetika Goel, CTO, says, “The new office has nice separate spaces for each department and yet gives a cohesive feeling. Interactions are great as everybody is in the same building.”  The new office is equipped with central air and our own back up generator so there is no disruption during the working day. There is also an elevator in the office, but employees are encouraged to use the stairs to stretch their legs after working at their desks for hours at a time — in their new comfortable chairs! Co-founder and CEO of Jigsaw Academy, Gaurav Vohra, feels that, “the new office is conducive to a better work environment, plus having everyone under the same roof creates better synergy and coordination between all of Jigsaw’s teams.”

The top floor of the office now houses both the CEO and COO in one room with a large glass window overlooking a beautiful, large terrace. Having the co-founders, Gaurav and Sarita Digumarti (COO) operating out of the same office makes it easier to have impromptu meetings and discussions, which has increased efficiency. The top floor is also home to Jigsaw Academy’s very own sound proofed entertainment room that is being used to record online classes and as a meeting place.

We hope many of you will come visit us, both old and new Jigsawites. We have a fully furnished reception area on the first floor for student walk-ins and other visitors. Coming to the Jigsaw office really feels like coming home with its welcoming atmosphere. The entire team is extremely excited to be settling in to the new office and getting ready for Jigsaw Academy’s next phase in its development.

Having this great environment to work in, will only prompt and inspire us to create even better courses and give you an even better level of service. Thanks as always for your continued support and encouragement. It’s what keeps us striving to be the best!

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