Men lie, women lie but numbers don’t! We’ve been talking about data and the importance of it throughout and if we don’t give you enough data and facts for you to find insights and inferences on career opportunities in analytics, it would be ironic. That’s why we’ve come up with a comprehensive report called the Analytics Industry Report 2017. Just like how we offered you tons of crucial insights on the salaries of data scientists last year with our Analytics and Big Data Salary Report 2016, we’re back with more information, more facts and more compelling factors for you to switch to analytics.

The Jigsaw Analytics Industry Report 2017 is now live and you can find it HERE.

As you know, analytics is here to stay and there’re tons of job openings for skilled data scientists in India. Amidst all the upsetting news on layoffs in IT companies, one news that came as a breather was the one on the vacancies for over 50,000 skilled data scientists in India. There are so many opportunities around you and it would be futile to just think about switching to analytics without actually making the move.

The report just helps you with that. It opens up a new dimension on how you perceive the analytics industry and arrive as an eye opener of sorts. The well-researched report will offer you insights on

  • how to make a lucrative career out of analytics
  • the best analytics tools you should master to add more authority to your job profile
  • the best companies to work with
  • the salary packages of data scientists according to distinct experience
  • the best cities to work in

Besides, the report also sheds light on how freshers can enter the analytics industry in the most seamless way possible. It provides detailed information on the best domains for freshers and the best cities to kickstart their career in. The report is full of insights and even has an introductory keynote by Kunal Jain, the CEO and co-founder of Analytics Vidhya. With data collected from various touchpoints and over 65,000 advanced analytics profiles, this is the best thing about analytics you’ll read before taking up an analytics course. As a closing note, the report also has a special feature on how the future looks like for analytics. Penned by the CEO of Jigsaw Academy, the write up sheds light on how the industry will evolve and the tools and sectors that will grow along with the evolution.

Exhaustive is the word for the Jigsaw Analytics Report 2017 and we’re sure you’ll find it most helpful for your life and career. If you’re looking for some precise, industry information on analytics, read. Or, if you know someone who’ll find this helpful, pass it on to him/her. With the tech companies being bombarded by layoffs, this report on analytics and how upskilling would help in changing the life and career of your friends or family out there.