If you had read some of our previous articles on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and have been constantly in touch with the industry, we are pretty confident that you are looking to shift to a career in AI or ML. That’s one of the wisest decisions because the industry is at the perfect stage for an aspirant like you to join the bandwagon. Apart from the lucrative paychecks and job security it offers, it is one of the most rewarding careers you can venture into. So, if you are someone looking to learn these emerging technologies, here is a quick roadmap.

Start With the Basics

Well, here is the agenda. Before you start learning anything about artificial intelligence or machine learning, unlearn whatever you have learnt about them. Remove the preconceived notions you have in your mind and come with an open fresh mind. Start with the basics on what the technologies stand for and their distinct purposes. Know the differences and interconnection among the diverse allied technologies and start with the jargons. This should get you oriented at a beginner’s level to the technologies. Hackerearth has a really interesting resource on all things you need to know to get started with the technology.

Catch up with Podcasts and Videos

Next on the list is to gradually transition into your next phase of learning. This involves listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos for more comprehension on what the industry is all about, know what the applications of the technologies are, how it influences our everyday lives, the techniques behind each and more. A major reason why you should learn your basics first is that most podcasts and videos have jargons and concepts involved and you will have to move back and forth between your basics and transitioning to keep pace with the information you receive. That is why you need to master your basics first to keep moving up your course.

Guided Courses

No matter if you are a self-paced learner or a quick grasper, a dedicated course on the technologies is one of the most practical approaches to mastering them. A guided course will completely induct you into the world of artificial intelligence and give you a global exposure on the skills required. When you enrol in a guided course, you will brush up on the basics, get textbook knowledge and develop the right technical and practical knowledge on how to work with the technology. This is inevitable if you are looking to join the industry once you complete your course. Guided courses would also put you in touch with expert faculty and course materials you would not have access to otherwise. That is why online courses are crucial for a full-fledged learning. Plus, you would also receive a certificate in the end that will help you land your job in the industry.


While learning, it is also essential to gain as much practical exposure as possible by indulging in a lot of projects. From the capstone projects that are part of your course curriculum to the ones that are close to your heart, you need to constantly build your portfolio by working and releasing projects to fine-tune your skill sets. This will help you master your skills.

For a beginner or an aspirant, this is the roadmap that makes complete sense. Besides, it also allows you to have some breathing space between each transition to prepare for the next course agenda. Follow the roadmap and a year down the line, you would be part of the industry.

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