The Jigsaw Social- Fun Engaging Discussions, Informative Sessions and Lots More.

Jigsaw Academy is an online analytics training company and so it is rare that our students and faculty have face to face interactions with each other. However on September 14th, the Davanam Sarovar Portico Suites in Bangalore saw a sea of smiling faces, lots of chatter and some serious discussions on analytics careers and the data science industry. Yes Team Jigsaw successfully hosted its first ever social and it was indeed a great success.

We invited students from some of our most recent batches as well as those who are particularly active on our student forums. They were very happy to accept and came bright and early to the venue, excited to meet their trainers and batch mates and put faces to names. The founders at Jigsaw, Gaurav and Sarita have always felt that it is really important to periodically get students, faculty and other Jigsaw staff together. They felt that such gatherings are a great opportunity to share experiences, foster a community feeling, as well as get insights from each other about analytics careers and the industry at large. For Jigsaw trainers as well it is important to meet their students and get some real honest feedback on courses.

As the morning began, a round of introductions was made and very soon an enthusiastic and lively discussion began. Students and alumni began sharing their experiences about the analytics job market and the faculty were able to offer some advice and predictions about growth in the industry.

One of the highlights of the social was a session on analytics placements, conducted by Jigsaw faculty member Subhashini Tripathi. This is a topic that Jigsaw students are always interested in getting insights on and indeed the students were able to get many of their questions answered and came away feeling more confident and optimistic.

As the morning progressed, students were also able to chat one on one with Gaurav, Sarita, Kiran and all their other trainers. They used this opportunity to talk about everything from course content and the job market to getting advice on their careers, as well as just getting to know each other. They were also able to meet the marketing and admin staff from Jigsaw and get to know them.

Team Jigsaw was very happy that the social was such a success and it is definitely a tradition that we hope to continue. With students spread out across the country and even around the world, we hope to organize many more such interactions to bring our students, faculty and staff together.

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