The MISB Bocconi – Jigsaw Academy Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA) Takes Off

This past weekend a group of young professionals came together at the MISB Bocconi campus in Powai, Mumbai to begin a ten month program in Business Analytics with a focus on Big Data. This program is India’s first long term Big Data analytics program that has been designed specifically for working professionals who want to earn an international certification while continuing to work.



The program, has a blended learning pedagogy, with a good mix of online learning and contact classes and aims at providing in-depth knowledge on the tools and technologies that are most sought after by the industry, like predictive modeling, data mining, Big Data analytics, marketing, operations and risk analytics, among other analytics areas. The program has an industry relevant curriculum that prepares tomorrow’s leaders. It is a unique blend of analytics and Big Data, teaching not only conventional tools, but also Big Data techniques – ideal for managers of the future.

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The program was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Himanshu Rai, Dean, MISB Bocconi with Sarita Digumarti, COO, Jigsaw Academy, Prof. Dr. Anjana Grewal, Faculty, MISB Bocconi and Prof. Dr. Raffaella Piccarreta, Faculty, Bocconi University in attendance. Of the 26 students enrolled for the program, 24 of them were present for the inauguration, followed by the first set of in-person contact classes conducted by Prof. Dr. Raffaella Piccarreta and Sarita Digumarti.

We had a quick chat with some of the participants and the faculty over the course of the three day contact sessions. Here are some snippets from our conversations that will give you an idea of just how excited everyone was and how well the program’s first contact session went.

Gopal Bang, Participant

The first three days at the campus were very exciting, especially meeting my batch mates who come from different backgrounds. The entire session was very well organized; the classes were structured and delivered very well. I really love the Jigsaw Learning Center which virtually has everything we have gone through in these 3 days available for recap whenever and wherever we want it. Overall Im happy I chose to join this course. Its great to have the opportunity to learn and interact with faculty of such high caliber, and to be associated with an institution of such high standing.

Jacob Joseph, Participant

“Before attending my first session, I had a few set benchmarks in mind, and I must say overall, I am more than satisfied. Professor Raffaella set the tone with topics on introductory statistics and inference, and was adept at explaining statistical concepts in simple English, which was appealing to both beginners, as well as students who already know the subject.

Sarita ma’am gave us an Introduction to SAS and I am pretty sure all the participants enjoyed the session as it was more application based and made the concepts easier to grasp.

I also like that the participants come from varied fields like IT, BFSI, analytics, consulting, etc, as it gives us an opportunity to learn from each others’ experiences, challenges and learning. We had a glimpse of this when a co-participant gave us his take on an actual case where analytics is applied.

A special shout out to the support team led by Kamal, JoAnn and Sagar. The logistics of the first three days seemed to work with clockwork precision, with good co-ordination between the team from Jigsaw and Bocconi. The participants were mainly outstation students who were looking at accommodation in Mumbai and each one of them were happy with the pricing and the location they got. (I know how expensive it can get to have a good accommodation in a premium place like Powai in Mumbai.) The welcome dinner on the first day was a pleasant surprise and gave the opportunity for students and teachers to know one another much better. The infrastructure at Bocconi is top notch and I am told the classrooms and infrastructure is designed the same way as it is done at SDA Bocconi, Italy.”

Prof. Dr. Himanshu Rai, Dean, MISB Bocconi

“Speaking at the inauguration of the program, Dr. Rai said, “Bocconi has been shaping leaders for several decades in corporate and non-corporate sectors. Through the Executive Program in Business Analytics (EPBA), MISB Bocconi, the India campus of Bocconi, continues this tradition and strives to create technically proficient and morally responsible leaders who would transform their organizations. I am certain that this program will fulfill your aspirations and set you on course to greater successes.”

Sarita Digumarti, COO, Jigsaw Academy

“The Bocconi Jigsaw EPBA has got off to a great start. We have a very diverse and experienced batch of students, with a very clear focus on building and utilizing data science skills in their careers. It has been a wonderful experience interacting with and teaching such a smart and motivated bunch of people. The participants have had a chance to really bond with one another and the faculty. The infrastructure and support at the MISB campus are excellent. Overall, a fantastic start, and we are looking forward to teaching and interacting with this very engaged batch.”

Prof. Dr. Raffaella Piccarreta, Faculty, MISB Bocconi

Teaching this new batch of EPBA students over the last few days has been an enriching experience. I taught statistics and though these sessions were quite theoretical, the participants with their enthusiasm and engaging questions, helped keep the sessions lively.

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