From small start-ups to world class organizations that has millions turnover, nobody in the corporate world is free from cyber security threats. Hackers are always on the move to find loop holes in security systems to put companies in distress and benefit from it.  It would take only a matter of minutes to have the goodwill of the company damaged which is even deadlier than material loss for any organization. The wise ones of the lot have adopted foolproof methods to prevent such malicious programs from entering their networks. These are some of the best security tools used by organizations to stay away from cyber attacks:


Recently, the corporate world witnessed a ransomware outbreak which was known by the name WannaCry. This virus operated by exploiting the vulnerabilities of security systems that had Microsoft Windows OS. More than 400000 machines were affected by this ransomware that was capable of encrypting 176 file types and changes the file extension to .WCRY. The ransom was $300 in bitcoins which doubles by time and if the payment was not made, the threat was to delete all the files that is under it’s control. The delay in introduction of a kill switch for this resulted in slowing down the business and the loss was approximately $4 Million.

WatchPoint’s Cryptostopper is undoubtedly the ultimate tool for preventing ransomware attacks like WannaCry. It monitors the systems for bots encrypting the files and deletes the threat as soon as it finds them. Cryptostopper claims to detect encryption in 9 seconds and stops it from spreading to other files. It isolates the workstation that is affected with the ransomware and shuts down communications with the network. Cryptostopper operates with a deception formula that supplies baits for the ransomware to latch on. Once these decoys are caught by the ransomware, cryptostopper steps up and destroys them, making the data safe reducing the probability of infection to real corporate files by furnishing the decoys in their place. Its signature-less system beats the other anti-ransomwares in the market with its timely detection and closure.


Emails is the most targeted source of spread malwares and leaking personal information. Emails with suspicious links could take a toll on secure data and put company’s growth in jeopardy. A single employee in a Multinational Organization could place the entire business in danger with a click.  Protection of personal information is something that also needs at most attention now as it has become a trend in cyber world these days to expose personal information about people online.

MailControl is a widely used security service to prevent attacks mostly through emails that tries to penetrate into a secure workstation and later to the network. MailControl tactfully protects email engagements and metadata from spymails that opens up opportunities for hackers to monitor the system and location activities of an individual. MailControl offers two-factor authentication that offers additional security by attaching a second factor for authentication other than the password. It could be knowledge factors, possession factors or even biometrics. MailControl offers its services for Exchange, Office365 and GSuite.

Touchpoint Manager:

It will be great if you could have the same security service for all your gadgets; it makes tracking much easier and liberates the users from the dilemma of selecting different services to keep the devices secure. The licensing for multiple security services for your mobile  and workstations would be an added expense for the enterprise. Hp Inc. has a widely used security solution for your gadgets in a single account. Hp provides this security service with all its devices too. It is a good practice for product managers that market hardware devices to the users, to integrate such quality security services as an add-on  to their product.

Hp’s TouchPoint manager is capable of managing individual users and user groups wherever there is network access. It enables self-service in organizations by assigning security responsibly to each employee which literally makes security a joined effort. Along with the privilege to customize security levels for each device, Touchpoint manager also has device tracking capabilities, remote lock service. When potential threats are found, Touchpoint Manager creates alerts and reports security breaches that would save the systems from mass failures.

IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson:

As we move along to an era were human fallacy is replaced by cognitive methods that reduces errors, its no shocker that companies are adopting these methods for cyber security. If machines could figure out comparatively unknown and potentially dangerous programs in their systems all by themselves, it is an added blanket of protection. These cognitive systems keeps themselves updated with the latest information about attackers and patterns of their operations.

Watson, the Artificial Intelligence counterpart of IBM, is now integrated with its security services. It is the best security decision that an organization could take- adopting a self learning and self updated system that would kill off threats even before they become a trend in the market. IBM QRadar adviser starts by running Enterprise security analytics when it receives an incident. It uses the QRadar Advisor to understand the context and develop a strategy for elimination of the threat. Once the strategy is formulates, QRadar runs expert online searches that could fetch any information regarding the nature of the threat. The search makes the system understand the patterns by examining online blog posts and related articles. With the data collected QRadar applies its intelligence to investigate the incident. All this happens so quickly that decision making is made simple just by analyzing the numbers.

Security Awareness Trainings:

An organization could have all the security software in the world and still be in grave danger if its employees are not well informed and trained about the security situation that the organization is at. All companies usually has a lot of corporate training programs that makes the workforce become more alert about the links they click on and mails they open through their workstations. There are many training programs that would ease the struggle like SANS, Security Mentor etc. Bootcamp trainings for people aspiring to be ethical hackers is a great way to build up a company’s security assets. By making the completion of these courses mandatory and including learning checks in them, organizations can ensure safety at workplace.

Apart from the above tools, SharePoint sites and repositories where important files are dropped should be protected by https.  Offering Work Integrated Learning Certification Programs would help organizations in getting their employees gain additional knowledge along with quality certification for  their careers. Any security breach among the employees should be treated with strong decisions which would encourage the workforce to be more alert with the data they are playing with. If proper measures are not taken by companies, it takes only the snap of a finger for them to roll down from the top of the market into huge pile of loss.


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