Terms & Conditions

This referral program is designed in such a way that All the referral bonus are designed for 10% of the course selling price will be given as referral bonus including discounts; exceptions only for short-term courses

What is mentioned about, applies to 1 enrolment All referral amounts mentioned above are for 1 enrolment

Selling price is considered before GST

This referral program is valid only for the following programs offered by Jigsaw Academy:

  1. Integrated Program in Business Analytics (IPBA)
  2. People Analytics & Digital HR
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science (PGD-DS)
  4. Master Certificate In Cyber Security Course (Red Team)
  5. Postgraduate Certificate Program in Cloud Computing
  6. Postgraduate Certificate Program In Product Management
  7. Full Stack Data Science

For all the programs mentioned above, your friend/friends should have enrolled within 45 calendar days from the date you have filled the Google Form/ forms on this page, stating that you are referring them. This is in order to make sure that you get the benefit.

Your friend should not be an existing student or should not have made an enquiry in last 60 days

Reward amount can be claimed once your friend has purchased the course, completed the payment process and crossed the 7 calendar days money back guarantee period.  

This is a one way referral campaign. Which means that the friend you are referring cannot refer you back for any program with us. For example, under no circumstances can A refer B and B refer A.

In case of any dispute, the management reserves the right to the final decision.

TDS and other taxes will be deducted as applicable.

Referral Lead if exists in database would be verified, and upon inspection the referral could be accepted/rejected