What Do You Get With the Jigsaw Academy Full Stack Data Science Bootcamp?

The Full Stack Data Science Bootcamp program is Jigsaw Academy’s latest offering to analytics aspirants. This is quite revolutionary for us because we have been known for our online classes and training methodologies. Considering the pace at which data science is growing and the fact that aspirants need to be constantly updated and nurtured about the industry, we had to come up with an in-person training program for students.

This is an extensive course, which is appropriate for those who are looking to build a career in analytics after college, professionals looking for a mid-career shift or entrepreneurs who want to leverage the potential of data science for their ventures. No matter what your requirement is, this substantial program will offer you the following benefits.


Comprehensive Certification

If you’ve been following us for some time, you would know that our certificates on data science are widely recognized and acclaimed in the industry. Our practical approach to teaching data science sets our students apart from the crowd that comes with textbook knowledge. Our certificate fetches substantial job opportunities and confirmations in the industry as we are one of the pioneer data science institutions in the country. When the course ends, you would receive a certificate that stands as a testimony to your expertise in analytics and its allied tools like R, SAS, Python, Advanced SAS and more.


Real and Inspired Learning Environment

The weekend courses happen across different cities. This course has students and data science aspirants from different walks of life coming together in a single classroom and learning analytics with extensive access to faculty. Such a real competitive environment has its own set of pros in helping you evolve as a better data scientist. Our classroom sessions are also ideal to understand the aspirations of other candidates and get newer perspectives on data science.


Connect with Industry Experts

Virtual classes are ideal but when it comes to in-person classes, the learning curve is comprehensive. When you interact live with industry experts and professors, the amount of conversations and insights you can gain on data science and the industry is phenomenal. Our professors and tutors come with decades of experience in the industry and bring their exposure and expertise to the table and blend them with data science trends today to make you industry ready.


Access to Real-Time Business Data

One of the major advantages of going for a physical classroom program is that you get to work on several capstone projects during the course. These projects add value to your résumé when you apply for jobs. Apart from theoretical knowledge, companies look for more practical applications of your skills and learning and these projects would drive home the point. Besides, the projects that you work on are all based on real business data and concerns plaguing companies and industries today. No hypothetical problems! This means you would know more about how your day as a data scientist be in the industry and give you a firsthand exposure on your job roles.


So what do you think? Get in touch with us here and enrol for the most disruptive in-person data science course in the market today. Seats are limited!

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