The 21st century is the digital era, where almost everything involves technology. As the virtual world progresses, crimes against it have also increased. Therefore, it is said that now is the best time to be in the IT security field. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the sector will grow by 18% in the next four years. Hence, let’s understand the ethical hacking meaning and the software that you need as an ethical hacker.

What is Ethical Hacking? 

A person who is responsible for using their skills to protect an organization or government’s data servers, websites, or the loss of sensitive information is known as an ethical hacker. Let’s understand the definition of ethical hacking with an example. Just like an artist needs a paintbrush, a chef requires knives, and a cop needs a gun, the weapon or tool of ethical hackers are coding and a versatile understanding of the software. 

It is the software that allows the hacker to penetrate networks and systems without having authorized access. Ethical hackers help find and fix potential vulnerabilities, which, if not set right, can turn into threats for others to exploit. The good hackers are called White Hat hackers who perform ethical hacking, whereas the bad ones are Black Hat hackers, who exploit the networks for personal gains. There is also a third category of Grey Hat hackers, that lies in the middle.

How does the software work?

Now that we have understood what is ethical hacking, let’s understand the initial process of ethical hacking. It involves gathering information to use in good faith (to have a positive result as per the cyberethics). Once the software has data, it uses various codes and scripts which can exploit the weakness and crack the network. Think of it like this: The weaker the lock, the easier it is to break it. There are several ways through which the software operates, but it is the skills of the hacker on how efficiently they can use the tools. 

There is much software in the market which hackers use. Some of them are open-source applications, while others are commercialized. 

These are some of the top software used for ethical hacking – 

  1. 1. Acunetix 
  • It is an advanced ethical hacking software which is fully automated. Hence, it can mimic a hacker who makes it possible for its user to anticipate malicious invaders. 
  • The software has an inbuilt security scanner that can scan and audit complex, encrypted, and authentic webpages. Other prominent features also include detailed reports on web and network vulnerabilities. 
  • It also has a wide range of detection and can crawl thousands of pages without any break.  
  • It features on-premises and cloud-based solutions.
  1. Netsparker 
  • Netsparker is a web-based security scanner which is preferred by hackers due to its smooth functioning. This ethical hacking software can automatically detect the vulnerabilities in web applications and services. 
  • The scanning technology of this application is highly accurate due to its Proof-Based Scanning technology. 
  • It can scan more than 1000 web applications in a mere 24 hours. 
  • Available as cloud solutions and on-premises. 
  1. SaferVPN
  • It is a must-have arsenal for every ethical hacker. It will help you hide your geographic location and target various areas with complete anonymity. SaferVPN is an indispensable ethical hacking tool that allows the user to complete the task without leaving traces. 
  • It assists in transferring files with high security and complete anonymity. 
  • It features rapid speed along with more than 2000 servers globally. SaferVPN has over 300,000 IPs Port Forwarding which will make it impossible for anyone to trace your activities.
  • The software offers split tunneling along with five parallel logins. SaferVPN also provides 24/7 support.
  1. Burp Suite 

Burp Suite is a combination of various tools that work together to give a comprehensive platform for a hacker to perform security testing of web applications. The tools include functions from as initial as mapping to the complex analysis of the attack’s surface. 

  • The detection range of this ethical hacking software is high and can detect over 3000 web application liability.
  • The software is equipped with features like automatic scanning and a detailed review of the application’s vulnerabilities. It also comes with in-built vulnerability management. 

5) Luminati 

A proxy service provider like Luminati is essential if you’re in the IT security sector. This ethical hacking software offers more than 35 million IP addresses, globally making sure that your anonymity stays intact. 

  • The software offers flexible billing to suit the user’s needs. It also features secure and configurable tools. 
  • Luminati allows you to crawl through the web using a proxy IP. This eliminates the task for the ethical hacker to waste hours on coding and complicated integration.
  1. Hashcat

It is a powerful password cracking software that can help recover passwords, inspect the security of a password, or acquire the stored data in a hash. 

  • This ethical hacking tool is an open-source platform and offers flexibility by using multiple devices in the same system.  
  • It has automated performance tuning along with a dedicated thermal watchdog.


Apart from understanding what is ethical hacking, it is essential to understand that an efficient, ethical hacking software is an arsenal that will keep its user a step ahead of the intruder when it comes to protecting the data. It is, therefore, vital for the ethical hacker to be well-versed with tools and software. 

Another critical point to keep in mind under the basics of ethical hacking is that an ethical hacker needs to work with different languages and software for different needs. For example, the white hat hacker will need software to infiltrate the network to fix the vulnerabilities such as Acunetix or Netsparker. But, while working, it is also crucial for an ethical hacker to hide their identity for security reasons. It is imperative that their activities can’t be traced back to them; for such cases, a hacker uses tools like SaferVPN or Luminati. 

In terms of functionality, the above-mentioned software are different but are essential for an ethical hacker. Ultimately, it is the ethical hacker’s skill and the ability to utilize the features efficiently. 

Hope this article helped you understand the meaning of ethical hacking and the software that you need for ethical hacking, and gave you the right introduction to ethical hacking.


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