What is the Level of Interaction in a Virtual Classroom Offered by Jigsaw Academy in the Instructor-led Courses?

Virtual learning classrooms are now overtaking traditional classrooms. The main advantage of virtual learning classrooms is that they are accessible from anywhere and at a convenient time.  You also get the opportunity to be taught by highly experienced faculty from all over the world.

At Jigsaw Academy, the classrooms offer audio, video and text interaction. The students can ask questions verbally or by using the built-in chat functionality. In fact, our students prefer text interaction when the lectures are going on. Instead of interrupting the presenter each time, students use the chat window to type in their comments or questions. The teacher then addresses all the comments/questions when he/she takes a pause. This works better than a traditional classroom where the students have to either interrupt the teacher’s train of thought or remember to ask the question when the teacher pauses.

Another big advantage of the virtual classroom is the ability to record the class as it happens, including presenters’ audio and video inputs. Each session is captured in a video and the recordings can be viewed online or downloaded and distributed to the students. These recordings become a great learning tool for the students and are much more effective in communicating what happened in the class than simple class notes or the presentation.

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