Jigsawite Sandeep Mishra Talks About Getting Placed With Target And The Jigsaw Advantage

One of the greatest concerns people have while switching careers is, “Is the risk going to pay off? What are the returns? What sort of companies can I be a part of?” 

We recently caught up with Sandeep Mishra, a Jigsawite who got placed at Target. At 27, Sandeep stands proud with a BE in Computer Engineering, a Certificate in I2 & JDA Supply Chain Products, Oracle PL/SQL, and now a Jigsaw Certification in Retail Analytics. With over five years of IT experience in Business Intelligence and Supply Chain, Sandeep joins Target with a firm understanding of Big Data Analytics and a dream of making it big in business.

Here is a snippet of our conversation with him as he talks about the importance of taking a timely risk, his understanding of analytics, and much more: 

Congratulations! You must be excited about being part of a company like Target. Would you like to share your interview experience with us? 

Thank You. I am very excited and well, anxious to a certain extent. My interview experience was quite eventful actually. The panel was not easily convinced by anything. They knew what they were looking for and rightfully so. My main task during the interview was to prove that I not only had a strong base in statistics and SAS but that my supply chain background made me a stronger candidate and an efficient learner.

I am particularly pointing this out because while switching careers and entering analytics, it is essential to use your past knowledge and experience as ammunition along with your new analytical skills. So kick-start your analytics career in a field you understand. This way, you can focus all your energy on building your skills in analytics instead of acquainting yourselves with a new domain.

You talk about your past aiding your future decisions with great conviction. Was this something you learned when you were making the switch to an analytical role?

My decision to switch to analytics was a conscious one because I knew I wanted to move out of core IT. When I went over the larger scheme of things, I wanted IT to aid my work while analytics to be the medium that would bring me closer to the business functions of a company.

I believe that finding the right time to make the switch is the key. You want enough experience in a domain that can guide your analytical aptitude and not hinder it.

So where do you see yourself and the world of analytics in five years?

Five years is a really long time. My first priority is to test my aptitude for being a core analytics professional. The next two years are critical. But once I find my footing, domains will no longer be a constraint. Two or three years after that, I will hopefully be helping firms make smart business decisions. I am giving myself five years to gear up. But the thing about analytics is that it is expanding rapidly. There is a tangential shift in accessibility and costs when it comes to data accumulation among others. So as such the learning and the growth never stops.

What really set the ball rolling for you; in terms of learning and growth curve?

I would say that Jigsaw gave me a great foundation in statistics and SAS which I can now build upon. In a short period of time, I moved from being completely ignorant to someone who understands business applications of statistics and analytics overall. Given the limited time I had to invest in the course, Jigsaw did full justice, especially because unlike other courses this wasn’t too heavy on the pocket or time-consuming. And the placement assistance is a great bonus.

Before we let you go, any advice to those on the verge of making the switch to analytics?

Plan everything carefully and be sure you have a concrete reason backing your career switch. Once you know for sure, courses such as Jigsaw’s provide you with an entry point or help you grow further given that they have experienced faculty members, who are well-established in the industry that will be your future. So apply yourselves and concentrate on strengthening your analytical aptitude.

We wish Sandeep luck in his future endeavors and hope to see him grow and reap the benefits the world of analytics has in store for him. 

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