You will Do a Rain Dance When You See These Pre Monsoon Offers for Analytics Courses


Well yes! It seems as though the rains have come early to Jigsaw. We are raining down offers on you all, everyday, until the end of the month.

Check out the offers:


Terms & Conditions for the Pre-Monsoon Lottery/Lucky Draw offer

  • The Pre-Monsoon lottery/lucky draw is valid from 23rd May 2015 till 31st May 2015 only.
  • Everyday, starting 23rd May 2015, one lucky winner will be selected by lottery from the list of people who have bought the 99K offer, i.e. Offer 1.
  • Everyday, starting 23rd May 2015, one lucky winner will be selected by lottery from the list of people who have bought the 49K or 51K offer, i.e. Offer 2 or Offer 3.
  • The lucky winner of the day who has bought the 99K combo/ Offer 1, will be upgraded at no extra cost, to the Instructor-led programs of Data Science with SAS, Data Science with R and the Big Data Specialist course, worth Rs 48,000.
  • Winners will be eligible for only one prize.
  • People who buy the Offers 1,2 or 3 should send in the following information to be eligible for the lottery / lucky draw
    • Well lit photograph of themselves
    • Full name
    • Highest educational qualification
    • Year of passing
    • Current work place or College of study
    • Current designation (if not a student)
  • 5 lucky friends of the winners will also receive gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000, so refer your friends by sending in their names, email ids and phone numbers to
  • Winners and their friends will be announced on our social media channels so please Like our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Terms & Conditions for 99K & 49K/51K combos

By purchasing the 99K & 49K/51K offer, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Lifetime access for Rs. 99,000 is valid only on the video/self-paced courses that are offered as of 1st of May 2015. The courses included are: Analytics for Beginners, Data Science with SAS, Data Science with R, Wiley-Jigsaw Big Data Specialist, Web Analytics, VBA for Reporting & Analysis, Advanced Certification in Retail Analytics, Advanced Certification in Financial Analytics, NoSQL Databases and Dimension Reduction Techniques.
  • For the 49K/51K combo, the courses mentioned in the offer box are all self-paced courses & only those courses mentioned are part of the 49K/51K offer. These offers do not include lifetime access. Lifetime access can be bought for Offer 2 and Offer 3 for an additional fee of Rs 12,000/-
  • After you complete requisite assignments or tests, you will receive individual certifications for the respective courses in the 99K offer. In order to receive the Wiley-Jigsaw Certified Big Data Specialist Course certification, you must pay an additional Rs. 1999 for the exam. This applies only to the 99K offer/Offer 1. For Offer 3, the certification fee is included.
  • The 99K offer does not include any future courses that may be launched by Jigsaw Academy after 31st of May 2015.
  • For the 99K offer in the first twelve (12) months after enrollment, the lifetime offer includes twenty (20) hours per week of Jigsaw Lab access. Thereafter, your lifetime membership includes thirty (30) hours per year. Additional access hours can be purchased at any time.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, Jigsaw Academy reserves the right to revoke access.
  • Other Jigsaw Academy terms and conditions also apply. For any questions, please send your queries to
  • Offer valid till 31st May 2015.

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